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VIDEO: Keith Price Commits Verbal Gaffe, Claims He's 'Paid To Play'

The Washington Huskies are off to their best start in eons and are on the verge of a big-time matchup Saturday night in Palo Alto against the Stanford Cardinal, and you figured that it'd be a straightforward discussion of offensive quarterbacks who have been leaping off the page.

Then Washington quarterback Keith Price uttered the words you never ever want to hear come out of the mouth of a Division I college football athlete. And he didn't even mean what he said!  Check out the video after the jump.


Price's interview with Q13 Fox was innocent enough. Then he had to bring up the 'p' word. and the other 'p' word. Linked together by the number two! That's something you never want to see.

But this is how you can tell the Washington Huskies still haven't quite made it yet. The accusations of cheating aren't even coming, and here comes UW players stumbling all over their answers with reporters. You can bet compliance is going to have a fun session with their athletes after this one.

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