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Q & A With Brian Marty, Meadowdale Quarterback

Quarterback Brian Marty from Meadowdale HS is one of the top football players in state in the Class of 2012. Here's an interview with him about his season so far.

Brian Marty Meadowdale
Brian Marty Meadowdale

Meadowdale HS Quarterback Brian Marty has been instrumental in the Mavericks' success so far this season. The junior has led his team to a 6-0 record so far this season. Last weekend, he led Meadowdale to a 50-14 victory over Shorewood, throwing for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

How has your season gone so far, what has been the highest point and the lowest point?
My season has gone very well for the most part. The lowest part is when our offense struggled to get going in the first half and I was not happy with our performance, but especially my performance. The highest point of my season so far was the Glacier Peak game. Every year Glacier Peak always gives us a challenge and the game has turned into quite a rivalry game. Our offense played extremely well and it was great to get a big win.

What has stood out about this team compared to last year's squad?
This year and last year alike we have had a very strong defense which always keeps us in games. But this year we have an explosive offense that is capable of scoring on any given play or grinding out a long drive. Last year our offense was very hit and miss and often times struggled to score. This year we have been very consistent point and great at controlling the game.

What's do you give credit to for the improvement?
First off, our offensive line has played great and it all starts with them. They are able to open up holes and let our backs do their thing. They also protect well, allowing us to be effective at passing the ball. Also, we are a much more experienced group on offense. Many of our starters are starting for their second year in a row or saw significant playing time last year. We worked very hard as a unit all off-season and it is showing on the field.

Tell me a little about yourself. When did you start playing football?
I started playing football in eighth grade but didn't play much do to injuries. My first actual season was my freshman year.

Do you play any other sports?
Yeah, my favorite sport is baseball and I play on the school team and also a select team.

Is it weird having your brother as your offensive coordinator?
At times is is a bit weird but for the most part it doesn't effect me. It has its ups and downs though.

More ups than downs?
Yeah of course. Having his experience and knowledge of the game to help me out is irreplaceable, not to mention the chemistry and competitiveness we share as brothers.

Do you want to play football at the next level? Or will it probably be baseball?
I am not sure yet. I love both sports and i could see myself playing either one. It all depends on how my football and baseball seasons go this year and next year. It also depends on where I can find the best opportunities.

Who's your favorite athlete in either sport?
Dustin Pedroia. I admire how hard he plays the game and how strong his desire to win is. He isn't even close to being the biggest player on the field but he sure plays like he is.

Tell me about yourself as a player. Biggest strengths?
I am one of the most competitive people that you will meet, and I see myself as a leader both on and off the football field. I'm not the biggest or strongest kid on the field, but I always give it my best shot and my teammates believe in me. I put us in good situations and make the right reads in order to be successful.

What are some tangible things you still think you need to work on?
I need to get faster and stronger. Also, I need to improve my arm strength and continue to grow and learn as a quarterback.

Some quick hits. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
Yeah, before every game I hug my mother before i leave for the game. Then, in the locker room I eat a Twix bar and pray before taking the field.

Sport you'd like to play but can't...
Hockey, I've always thought it looks really fun, but I've never had an opportunity to play.

Who has given you the toughest hit on the football field?
Some guy from Lakes last year. I was playing receiver and we ran a double pass and he destroyed me right as I released the ball.

TV Show you'd guest star on?
The Office

Any final shout-outs?
To my boys Ryan, Nathan, Tyler and the rest of my football team. Also, my family and lastly Aaron Rodgers because he is really really good.


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