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College Football Picks: Washington Vs. Utah

Kevin Cacabelos (SB Nation Seattle)

Utah 24, Washington 23
UW may have the offensive weapons, but overcoming Utah's home field advantage will be difficult. Additionally, Norm Chow will carve up Nick Holt's defense. 

Colorado 30, Washington St. 21
The Buffaloes defense will be too much for the Cougars to overcome. Plus, Colorado has the home field advantage.

John Berkowitz (UW Dawg Pound)

Washington 35, Utah 27
This is a definitely a tough one to predict but I am going with Washington because I truly believe they have the ability to outscore Utah. The performances of Keith Price, Chris Polk, and the depth at all the skill positions will be the difference in a 35-27 win on the road which will give the Huskies a 4-1 record heading into the bye week.

Washington St. 27, Colorado 24
Colorado isn't very good but they almost knocked off California at home which should be a big red flag for Cougar fans. This one will be close but I think WSU's offense has just a little more spark.

Brian Elsner (Wait For It Seattle)

Washington 34, Utah 28
There are a lot of reasons to pick against the Dawgs this week. A road game. A team picked to win the Pac-12 South. Utah destroyed BYU two weeks ago. Kyle Whittingham has never lost coming off a bye. Wait, why am I picking the Dawgs? Oh yeah! Keith Price. I am a believer. How can you not be? With Price throwing the ball and a determined Chris Polk running, UW will do just enough to pull it out. They will need to win the turnover battle (Utah is +9 this year) and get some field position on special teams (Utah also #1 on kick return coverage), but the Huskies will make it happen in a big road win.

Colorado 31, Washington State 21
This is a huge game for the Cougs as they sit at 2-1. Colorado is an opponent who is ripe for beating, but unfortunately the Lobster fest ends this week. The Buffs are No. 1 in the Pac-12 in pass defense and that is the current strength of the Cougar offense in Marshall Lobbestael. A back up quarterback can only take you so far despite his dominance in leading the Pac-12 in passer rating thus far. Colorado was 4-2 last year at home including a win over Georgia. The home field advantage wins it in this one.

Erik Kariya (SeaTown Sports)

Utah 20, UW 18.
In which we confirm that Utah's defense is quite good, even in a Pac-12 context.

Colorado 42, WSU 19.
We just saw what happens when WSU faces some semblance of an offense. Colorado, like San Diego State, has some semblance of an offense. Also, Colorado is defending the pass pretty decently this year, so that's a thing.

Jeff Nusser (CougCenter)

Utah 28, Washington24
Not sure why this line has creeped so high, but I do think Washington will have a tough time. Too many factors working against the Huskies -- road game, no Jamora, Utes off a bye.

Colorado 35, Washington St. 31
I want to believe. I really do. But I'm just not sure they'll be able to hold it together late.

Craig Powers (CougCenter)

Utah 34 Washington 27

The spread seems a little high on this one. The way Keith Price is rolling, I don't doubt the Huskies can put up points and because of that this pick makes me very uncomfortable. Utah will be wanting to make a statement with their opening Pac-12 game, and UW will be walking into a supercharged environment. I see a mistake or two, similar to the Nebraska game, sending Huskies home with a loss.

Colorado 28 Washington St. 24
I think WSU could run all over the Colorado defense (possibly anyone could). However, I believe that WSU will actually try to pass all over the Colorado defense and Marshall Lobbesteal will see a lot of pressure from blitzing linebackers, leading to a few more mistakes. Still not confident the Cougar D can hold a decent opponent to less than four touchdowns. This pick makes me sad.

James Satterberg (SeaTown Sports)

Utah 35, Washington 31
Washington has proven what kind of team they are: they can score with the best of them, but their defense is suspect. Even against Cal, at home, the Huskies were scary close to blowing the game because of their defense. Utah and the Huskies are similar teams in quality, and I think it will be very close, but I think Utah will prevail because of the home field advantage that they will have for their first ever pac-12 home game.

Washington St. 28, Colorado 20
This is a must win game for WSU. They have three wins, and play arguably the three worst teams in the Pac-12 in UCLA, Colorado, and Oregon State. The Cougars have a very good chance at bowl eligibility, and I think for that reason they will be fired up enough to beat the Buffaloes at home. It will be a tough game, but the Cougars passing game will be too much for Colorado. The Lobbester will have a very good game this Saturday.