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Abdul Gaddy And Lorenzo Romar Comment On Injury

Abdul Gaddy, who tore the ACL in his left knee during practice on Tuesday, is scheduled to go into surgery within the next couple weeks, according to a University of Washington press release. This injury typically takes roughly 6-9 months to recover from.

Gaddy, who graduated from Tacoma's Ballarmine Prep, lead the Pac-10 in assist to turnover ratio averaged 8.5 points per game this season. A scorer like Gaddy will certainly be missed, but according to University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar, people should worry more about Gaddy then the team.

"First and foremost, this is a big blow for Abdul Gaddy," said Romar. "Sometimes in team sports we tend to say, `look at the whole team.' Forget the team now. This is a blow for Abdul Gaddy."

While this injury is a blow for Gaddy, he is taking it in stride. In an interview Don Ruiz posted on his Husky Insider Blog for the Tacoma News Tribune, Gaddy talked about how Coach Romar is helping him through the process.

"I talked to Coach Romar this morning and he was like the natural thing is to think why me, but the best thing to think about is God just has something better in plan for you. Really it’s kind of like a learning experience. It kind of humbles you a little bit. You don’t take a lot of stuff for granted any more after this type of injury. He really explained it well to me. Coach Romar is like a father figure."