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UW's Isaiah Thomas Takes Responsibility In Loss


There's really no way around it: despite facilitating the offense well at times, Washington Huskies guard Isaiah Thomas simply didn't have a good game with seven turnovers, five assists, and 3-for-13 shooting while not hitting his first shot until late in the game.

Granted, Thomas was clearly the player that turned it on most down the stretch as the clock began to wind down on the loss. But in addition to stepping up in big moments during the game, you have to like seeing a team's leader step up and take responsibility for his team's performance instead of making excuses or defiantly shying away.

UW Huskies Insider - The News Tribune Blogs, Tacoma, WA

On UW's 24 turnovers) That was on my part. That won’t happen again. I had seven of them and on to the next one.


It's easy to talk about how great a player is when everything is going well, but if there are any Thomas-haters still left out there, his response to this particular game should be enough to respect his character in the face of adversity.