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WSU Gets Big Individual Performances From More Than Klay Thompson

With about a minute left and the clock ticking down to seal a big win for Washington State, FSN analyst Ernie Kent said WSU needed to get a good possession in order to finish off the game.

And then he proceeded to list just about every player on the floor as a potential option for a good possession.

Of course, there was Klay Thompsom, but also Faisal Aden and Reggie Moore on the perimeter and WSU somehow managing to establish a presence for themselves in the paint.

That they had established so many reasonable options against a heavy favorite in the conference speaks volumes about what they did to get this win.

WSU 87, WASHINGTON 80 - CougCenter
This was Klay Thompson driving the final dagger in the 'Klay doesn't show up in big games' meme that's so popular with casual fans.

This was Brock Motum, Abe Lodwick and Charlie Enquist stepping up to replace a foul-troubled DeAngelo Casto. And doing it against one of the most powerful, physical teams in the conference.

This was Faisal Aden breaking down defenses with the drive and the pass -- not just shooting over it. Although he did shoot over it quite nicely near the end.

This was Reggie Moore going right at his friend Isiah Thomas and showing him why he should have been a Pac-10 player from the start.

This was a team win for WSU.

And no matter how many things UW fans can lament after this loss, WSU played tonight as though it never occurred to them that Washington was the better team.

Will they be able to repeat that in Seattle? Who knows and I would argue that it's difficult to imagine this combination of factors working in their favor a second time.

But this isn't really even about whether the outcome is entirely replicable: for a night, WSU flat-out outplayed UW and won the game, which leaves plenty for them to build off and plenty of motivation for Washington to work harder.