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2011 Senior Bowl: Jake Locker Worried About Footwork Ahead Of 2011 NFL Draft

After the North found the end zone for the first time all day, Washington quarterback Jake Locker stepped in front of the microphone on the sideline for an interview with the NFL Network. Locker said he loved the experience he’s had at the Senior Bowl while admitting there are parts of his game that need work ahead of the NFL Draft. His accuracy continues to be hit-and-miss, just as it was all season, something that has scouts wary.

Locker says the biggest problem is his lack of experience working out of the pocket after running a spread-option offense for much of his playing career.

“It’s not been very many years that I’ve been in the pocket making passing in there,” Locker said. “With repetition it’ll only get better”

Working from the pocket, a quarterback’s balance and footwork become crucial to his accuracy. It’s something Locker is well aware of and has been the focal point of his preparation for the draft. In workouts ahead of the draft, Locker has been working sliding around the pocket and staying balanced as he works to improve his accuracy and ability to make all the necessary throws.

“I think not just taking straight drops and throwing, moving in the pocket, simulating a rush and sidestepping guys to throw,” he said. “When you have the opportunity to do some team stuff work on the footwork.”

Locker is 3-5 for 51 yards in the Senior Bowl, playing in the first and part of the third quarters in Alabama. The South still leads the North, 17-10, in the fourth quarter. For more on the game, check out our Senior Bowl StoryStream.