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2011 Senior Bowl: Colin Kaepernick Strings A Drive Together Ending In Kai Forbath Field Goal

The North is finally on the board in the third quarter of the Senior Bowl. After finishing the first half with just 18 yards of total offense, the North kicked into gear to start the second half. Colin Kaepernick took over at quarterback for the North squad and got things going, showing off his strong arm on the scoring drive.

The drive was set up by great field position after the defense held the South offense in check, forcing a punt from deep in its own territory. Dwayne Harris broke off a nice 20-yard punt return and Kaepernick took over at the South 27. After driving down to the 10, a holding call sent the North backwards and put them into a hole they couldn’t dig out of as they failed to converting on third and goal from the 14, though Kaepernick did break a nice scramble.

Kai Forbath was perfect from 24 yards out as the North narrowed the gap to 17-3 with five minutes to go in the third. Keep an eye on our Senior Bowl StoryStream for more updates as the game progresses.