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2011 Senior Bowl: Jake Locker Has Forgettable First Quarter

Jake Locker is having a rough day early at the Senior Bowl. Through the first quarter, Locker has just one completion, on a screen pass to Kendall Hunter. Facing a stout South defense, Locker and North have struggled to move the ball both through the ground and the air, failing to even pick up a first down in two possessions.

The first time Locker and the North offense had the ball, a first down run went nowhere, putting them in an early hole. A Locker incompletion and the screen pass that went nowhere forced the North to punt, setting up the South’s first touchdown of the game.

Locker got another chance at it with his North team down 10-0, but couldn’t do anything with it. On second down, Locker was sacked and fumbled, though the North did fall on the ball. Once again, he was unable to move the chains after a third down incompletion as the South forced another punt.

Two possession, two punts and -1 yards of total offense. The North hasn’t looked good as the South has clamped down early. After the first quarter, the South hold a 10-0 lead.

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