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2011 Senior Bowl Rosters: Jake Locker, Colin Kaepernick Lead The North Squad

The North roster at the Senior Bowl features three quarterbacks looking to make a name for themselves and boost their draft stock amid questions about where they project in the NFL. One, Jake Locker, is among the top-four quarterbacks in the draft, with the other two, Ricky Stanzi and Colin Kaepernick, playing with something to prove. On Saturday, all three will split time at the quarterback spot for the North as each looks to prove themselves.

Locker has had an inconsistent week of practices, never blowing the scouts socks off. By the time the practices were over, Locker left with as many questions as he came to Alabama with — including concerns about his accuracy and how he works in the pocket. Even if he has a stellar day on Saturday, he’ll still have work to do ahead of the draft as he works to convince NFL scouts he can be a franchise quarterback.

Kaepernick is more of a running quarterback, operating out of Chris Ault’s pistol at Nevada. Like Locker, he’s supremely athletic, but his ability to make throws has always been in question. He also had an inconsistent week in Alabama, but may be the type of mid-round pick a team looks to develop for the future.

All Stanzi did at the college level was win. His four years at Iowa are littered with clutch performances in big games. Like the others, however, Stanzi faces questions about how he will project at the next level, leaving him facing an uncertain future. At the Senior Bowl, he’s impressed at times, and boosted his draft stock at results. It’s likely he ends up as a mid-round pick that a team invests development time in at the NFL-level.

For the rest of the North roster, check out this handy table. Keep an eye on how all three quarterbacks handle the snaps at the Senior Bowl as each tries to climb the draft boards in Alabama.

The Senior Bowl kicks off at 1 p.m. on NFL Network. For more on the Senior Bowl, including a look at how Jake Locker and Mason Foster did in practice, check out our StoryStream.