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2011 Senior Bowl: Rounding Up The Jake Locker Analysis

Every NFL Draft guru around has picked apart Jake Locker’s week at the Senior Bowl. It’s almost too much to process, with information coming from all corners of the Internet, all with different opinions. Some scouts said he improved as the week progress, others said he hurt himself in a big way with a week of poor accuracy and decision making. It’s impossible to nail down how Locker did without aggregating everything together into one place, evaluating what analysts said as a whole.

Luckily for us, SB Nation put all the analysis together in one handy place, grouping quotes together by what part of Locker’s game they pertain to. The only area a consensus was reached by all the analysts tracking him was accuracy — it was terrible.

Most analysts thought Locker’s mechanics were solid, though Wes Bunting felt his balance was poor, causing some of the accuracy issues we’ve seen. While his mechanics and accuracy while in the pocket tend to break down, Locker is at his best outside of the pocket, where he’s able to make plays with his feet and get the ball down field accurately — something the analysts agreed on for the most part.

Did he improve over the first three days? Depending on who you asked the answer varied greatly. Some thought his performances got better each day while others didn’t see much out of Locker over the first three days. With different opinions from everyone, it’s clear Locker will likely leave Alabama with as many questions as he came with.

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