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2011 Senior Bowl: Jake Locker 'Hurt Himself' According To One Analyst

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We’ve seen Todd McShay and others praise the way Washington quarterback Jake Locker bounced back in the second and third days of practice at the Senior Bowl. Locker was inconsistent on the first day, like many quarterbacks, but appeared to step-up as he got more comfortable with his surroundings. Did he improve his draft stock, though? After all, that’s the overall goal for every player at the Senior Bowl this week.

According to Sporting News’ Russ Lande, a former NFL scout, Locker hurt his stock in Mobile, Ala., and hurt it badly.

“He’s got good mechanics, but his accuracy is terrible. I know I spoke to a coach today to get his opinion and he said if a guy’s mechanics are good and he’s smart enough, but his accuracy stinks then there’s not a lot you can do. You’re pretty much saying that you’re always going to have an inaccurate thrower. And if you can’t be accurate, you cannot be a quarterback in the N.F.L. I think Locker hurt himself a lot this week”

Not exactly a glowing review for Locker. It fits with what many have been saying, though. Locker has solid mechanics, is a good character guy and is as athletic as anybody else in the draft. It’s his inability to consistently make the right reads and throws that continue to haunt Locker. Given the opportunity to put some of the skepticism aside, Locker has, apparently, struggled in practice this week.

Is there any chance he can turn it around down the stretch or ahead of the draft? Of course it’s always a possibility, but Locker is running out of opportunities to convince scouts the accuracy will come.

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