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2011 Senior Bowl: Jake Locker Has Another Strong Day, Continues To Improve

Call it another solid day for Washington quarterback Jake Locker at the Senior Bowl. Over the last two practices, Locker put concerns about his shaky first day to rest, putting together strong, consistent performances at the Senior Bowl. Running through a variety of different situational drills, Locker impressed, distancing himself from the rest of the quarterbacks in Mobile, Alabama — including Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick and Ricky Stanzi.

RealGM praised Locker’s performance, noting his improved accuracy and solid mechanics on Wednesday. As expected, Locker was best working outside the pocket, where he’s free to use his mobility to his advantage.

He looks comfortable taking the snap and scanning the field. And his accuracy today was improved. On a rollout drill Locker was very confident throwing across his body and kept his feet under him when delivering the ball, something the other two QBs didn’t do once. In a red zone drill he consistently fired the ball high to the back line (as designed) with real zip but also catchable balls.

The knock on Locker was his ability to make the tough throws to the sideline, the area he had the most inconsistency. Locker struggled to square-up and deliver an accurate ball to his right side, one of the harder throws to make.

All things considered, Locker has done nothing to hurt his stock at the Senior Bowl, and may find himself rising as practices come to a close. Outside of the first day, he’s been consistent, accurate and has showcased his abilities in front of a bevy of scouts.

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