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2011 Senior Bowl: Jake Locker Shows Improvement On Day Two

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Improvement was the word of the day for Washington quarterback Jake Locker. After an inconsistent first day of practices at the Senior Bowl, Locker was markedly better on day two, showing more consistency as he started to build a comfort level with his receivers. If he’s able to keep it rolling and consistently perform in the practices leading up to Saturday’s game, Locker has a chance to significantly boost his draft stock ahead of the NFL Combine.

Speaking on College Football Live, ESPN’s Todd McShay praised Locker, noting he had a solid day. Locker made what McShay called “an awful throw” early in the drills, but bounced back and performed at a high-level throughout the rest of the workout.

McShay said Locker “made all the throws you’d expect him to make” during the practices, cutting down of some of the overthrows and poorly placed balls that plagued him during the 2010 season. If he can show some consistency and improve his accuracy this week, McShay feels Locker could find himself in the top-half of the first round after his draft stock took a hit this year.

With three days of practice left until Saturday’s game, Locker has plenty of time to improve his position in the 2011 NFL Draft. Tuesday was a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen if he can keep it going consistently throughout the week. If he can, Locker has a chance to be the big winner this week in Mobile, Alabama.

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