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Ernie Kent Gets Birthday Well Wishes From Washington's Dawg Pack

The Dawg Pack, the student section for the Washington Huskies, has a rocky, but often-times hilarious, relationship with former Oregon Ducks head coach Ernie Kent. It was the Dawg Pack that began Mexican Heritage Night, an homage to an alleged trip to Mexico with a booster's daughter. Every year the Ducks came to town, the student section brought out the sombreros and ponchos while heckling en espanol.

After Kent was fired at Oregon, you'd think the student group would forget. When Oregon came to town, one of the best signs I've seen in a while was provided by the group, as they posed the question "Donde Esta Ernesto?" Kent is in town today for the Huskies matchup against Arizona State and it just happens to be his birthday.

Always in a festive mood, the Dawg Pack serenaded Kent by singing "Happy Birthday" ahead of the game today. Kent now works as a broadcaster for FSN, traveling around for various Pac-10 games. He took it in stride, smiling at the crowd after all was said and done.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Kent, a coach they had an adventurous relationship with while he was in the Pac-10, is hilarious and a nice gesture. After all, it was Kent who wanted the Dawp Pack moved to the other side of the court because he felt its location posed a threat to visiting teams. It just goes to show time, and the downfall of the Oregon basketball program, heals all wounds.

Job well done by the Dawg Pack. Next time, though, sing it in Spanish.