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East-West Shrine Game: Pac-10 NFL Draft Stocks After A Week Of Practice

It’s not just the East-West Shrine Game itself that draws the attention of pro scouts and draft gurus alike. The three days of practices, drills and individual workouts hold the most importance for prospects looking to boost their draft stocks and leave a lasting impression. Players are scrutinized and picked apart in the week leading up to the game itself as analysts try to project where each might end up in April.

Here’s a look at some of the information out there about the Pac-10 prospects at the Shrine Game.

Jeff Maehl, wide receiver from Oregon: Maehl has been nothing but a playmaker at Oregon, emerging as a dependable receiver in the Ducks’ offense. During the week leading up to the Shrine Game, however, he’s failed to impress, struggling against some of the top competition in college football and the 2011 NFL Draft class. According to CBS Sports, Maehl’s draft preparation is off to a rocky start.

Wide receiver Jeff Maehl (Oregon) has not looked anything like the playmaking receiver he was for Oregon last season. He slipped multiple times coming out of routes and struggled to get separation.

Jordan Cameron, tight end from USC: Cameron didn’t do much on the field for USC this season — catching just 16 passes for 126 yards and a touchdown — but has been a standout at the Shrine Game practices. ESPN analyst Steve Muench came away impressed, listing Cameron as one of his top performers.

He is really athletic and I love the way he gets off the line. He uses his hands really well to get defenders off him and get a good release. Once he’s free, he quickly gets into his route, has a good burst at the top of his stem, tracks the ball well and caught everything thrown his way today

Nate Williams, safety from Washington: Williams comes in as a bit of a sleep, with no real buzz about his draft stock. He’s been a solid performer during the week of practices, but still has deficiencies in coverage. It’s looking more like he’s an in-the-box player, according to Draft Insider.

Tues: Displayed a good degree of athleticism on the field and was effective on the run.
Wed: Again, athletic and quick but struggled in coverage and looks like a downhill type of DB.

Zach Williams, center from Washington State: Williams struggled with his snaps during the year, drawing the ire of Washington State fans. At the Shrine game, it hasn’t been much better. Draft Insider singled him out on Tuesday and Wednesday, and not in a good way. Both days, Williams missed snaps, struggled with blocking and looked in over his head.

Keep an eye on the 13 Pac-10 players during Saturday’s East-West Shrine Game at 1 p.m. on NFL Network.