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UW Basketball: Thomas' Brilliant Performance Leaves One Arizona Fan Questioning Their Point Guard Play

We can start going back and forth forever about what makes a good point guard: something innate? something learned? a personality trait?

But the fact is that the point guard performance of Washington Huskies guard Isaiah Thomas might have made the play of Arizona Wildcats point guards Lamont Jones and Jordin Mayes look worse in contrast for some fans.

Arizona Wildcats defeated by Washington Huskies - Arizona Desert Swarm
Thomas was effective in all of these areas. Which made Arizona's PG play look that much worse.

Momo Jones and Jordin Mayes had just 4 assists. Combined. Momo in particular, looked more concerned with getting inside and scoring himself than getting the ball to somebody that was open. His comments echoed comments that I've heard all season. Momo is not a point guard. He is a shooting guard. "It's a tough transition every game," said Jones. "It's just tough being a guy that wasn't a point guard and being brought into that. It's tough night in and night out. It wasn't harder or less harder than any other game."

First, they actually only combined for three assists, but that's neither here nor there.

The second, and more important point, is that they also combined for five turnovers and 5-for-13 shooting (although Mayes, to his credit, did get himself four free throw attempts to go with his three field goal attempts).

It was just an overall inefficient performance from the two lead ball handlers whose decisions - whether distributing or scoring - simply didn't work out that well.

Washington fans can rest assured that they are set at the point guard spot, even after losing Abdul Gaddy to injury.