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Romar Explains Why Suggs Started Against Cal


Washington Huskies guard Scott Suggs started over Venoy Overton on Sunday against Cal and UW coach Lorenzo Romar explained why in his weekly media session on Tuesday.

UW Basketball: Suggs Start Against Cal Neither Permanent Nor Something To Read Into - The Daily Drip - SB Nation Seattle
Yet he explained to media that the decision to insert Scott Suggs into the lineup and bring Venoy Overton off the bench again was purely strategic.

"Isaiah can hold his own against anyone," said Romar in yesterday's media session. "But in terms of matchups we felt with Jorge Gutierrez, who's an outstanding defender, is usually matched up against Isaiah. And we felt if we went with a bigger lineup, maybe he would defend someone else. And if he didn't, maybe we could take advantage of the person he didn't defend."