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Washington Huskies Basketball: Isaiah Thomas Carries UW To 48-33 Halftime Lead

With the Washington Huskies up 48-33 on Cal at halftime, let’s just set aside the fact that a road split tonight would be good after a disappointing loss to Stanford and that off-court stuff.

Point guard Isaiah Thomas is yet again proving that he is more than just a volume shooter.

In addition to his game high 18 points in the first half, he’s been outstanding as a distributor with six assists and one turnover. And it’s the quality of these plays as much as the quantity of assists that’s most impressive – simply swinging the ball to the open player, driving and kicking, hitting a cutting player rolling to the basket.

The way some people talk about him running point, you would’ve thought he didn’t know how to spell pass – tonight he’s playing as good as any point guard in the conference.

With Thomas running the show so efficiently, Washington has outshot Cal 53.1 percent to 44.8 percent in the first half and in addition to blitzing them with one of their characteristic runs – an 11-0 run late in the half – there ability to move the ball against the zone has been key.

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