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Stanford's Upset Of Washington Is Nothing To Panic About

There's one knee-jerk reaction to Stanford's 58-56 win I think we can all come together and agree upon.

Pac-10 basketball: Have I mentioned that the TV deal STINKS!?!?! | College Hotline
Hotline readers may recall that I’ve addressed this topic in the past, and I’m going to do it again because the league’s television deal is a joke and the league needs to hear it.

It. Is. A. Joke.

I don’t care what the explanation is. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that here in the Bay Area, we could not watch Stanford-Washington or Cal-Washington State.

Aside from that, it was one game and probably no need to get too high or too low, if you don't mind me validating coach speak for the moment.

So there might be talk over the next few days in between games of Stanford's upset tonight being something of a watershed moment in their quest for a Pac-10 championship.

Stanford rallies to stun No. 17 Washington - San Jose Mercury News
With the Stanford football team and women's basketball team making national headlines in recent weeks, the men's basketball team has flown under the radar around campus.

If Thursday night's performance is any indication of what's to come, that anonymity won't last long...If the Cardinal defends as it did Thursday, Green and company are going to win a lot of games in the next couple of months.

On the other side of things, given the Washington Huskies' controversy off the court people might try to make a story out of the team being distracted. Right now coach Lorenzo Romar is having none of that.

Husky Men's Basketball Blog | Isaiah Thomas: "We should really be undefeated" | Seattle Times Newspaper
And finally, Romar said the police investigation into a sexual assault allegation from a 16-year-old girl that involves a UW player didn't factor into tonight's game.

"If you're up 11 points with 10 minutes to go, something went right," Romar said. "It was mentioned that this is the first time we were down at halftime, but that doesn't mean we were distracted. I just don't think we played to where we came out and were in disarray. In the first half we didn't make a lot of shots."

The fact is, as one game in the midst of otherwise strong play in the Pac-10, it's hard to make anything of last night's game other than it being an off night for now even if we didn't see it. Lapses happen and UW had one on the road against a team that had been undefeated at home this season.

That's neither something for the victor to go overboard about nor the loser to hang their heads about. Until further notice, it's one game in the early part of conference play.