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Washington Huskies Down 29-28 At Halftime At Stanford

So tonight's game isn't televised, but you can listen to it on the radio and according to the guys on SBN's UW Dawg Pound game thread, Stanford's student crew is admirable in its "earnestness".

Anyway, Washington is down 29-28 at halftime and unquestionably the reason is they haven't been able to put the orange ball in the ten foot high cylinder tonight. And unlike their previous losses this season, rebounding is not necessarily a major problem either.

Washington shot 35.7 percent in the first half while Stanford shot 48 percent, which is definitely above their season average. So perhaps one could suppose that things will even out and that the Huskies have essentially weathered the storm being only down one.

You can follow the game on the game tracker and student radio via Stanford's website.