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UW Football Recruiting: Class Of 2011 QB Adam Pittser Expects UW Offer

Head coach Steve Sarkisian and the University of Washington have been searching for a Class of 2011 quarterback. Recently they traveled to California for a look at JUCO quarterback Antavius Sims and, we noted earlier, that they are pursuing Illinois prospect Adam Pittser.

Pittser writes on ESPN Rise that he expects an offer from University of Washington during a planned official visit in October.

I’m still not sure if Wisconsin is going to offer me or not. I know they’re still waiting on Jacoby Brissett (quarterback from Dwyer in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) and I didn’t really get a chance to talk to the coaches about where I stand. The more I talk to Washington, it seems like they might offer while I’m on my official visit (during the weekend of Oct. 8). If that happens I might have to rule Wisconsin out if they haven’t offered yet. Obviously there’s a lot to consider and I should know more after taking that first official visit.

Pittser also lists Washington as one of his final four.

Top four schools (four-way tie): Ball State, Washington, Western Michigan, Wisconsin