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Tony Wroten Jr.'s Louisville Basketball Recruiting Trip Went Well

Earlier we noted that Seattle-area star class of 2011 guard Tony Wroten Jr. was attending the University of Lousville on an official visit this weekend. Louisville is one of five schools Wroten is considering and is considered, along with the University of Washington and the University of Kentucky, as one of the favorites. A number of Seattle-area players -- including Terrence Williams and Peyton Siva -- have played for the Cardinals.

Wroten posted a number of pictures (links herehere and here) and thoughts throughout his Louisville recruiting trip on his Twitter account. Here's a sampling of some of his comments.

This is unbelievable. This arena is the BEST arena. Handsdown. Including the NBA. Smh. CrazzzzZzzyzyyyyyyyy

Just had a GREAT dinner wit the louisville coaching staff

Lol what a night. Smh. Man I really don't wanna leave the ville today but I have to

Asked by one Twitter user to rate the trip on a scale of 1-10, Wroten replied, "15".

In the past, Wroten has spoken highly of Louisville coach Rick Pitino. 

Wroten is expected to announce his college decision at Seattle's Garfield High School On Oct. 7.