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Alamo Bowl, Holiday Bowl To Feature Oklahoma State, Nebraska From Big 12

The Missouri Tigers are headed to the Insight Bowl, meaning Nebraska and Oklahoma State are left to face a Pac-10 team in either the Alamo Bowl or the Holiday Bowl. As it stands, we know, with fair certainty, which four teams will play in the bowls, but don't know the match-ups. Washington, Arizona, Oklahoma State and Nebraska are all in the mix, with announcements to take place later Sunday evening.

Should the Washington Huskies face the Nebraska Cornhuskers in either the Alamo or Holiday Bowl, it would be a rematch of the Sept. 18 game in Seattle. The Huskers dominated Washington on the road, dropping the Huskies, 56-21. Nebraska fell to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Saturday, 23-20.

Oklahoma State also provides a stiff challenge for either Arizona or Washington. Boasting a talented running back in Kendall Hunter and the Big 12 offensive player of the year, receiver Justin Blackmon, the Cowboys are electrifying on offense. Last time out, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma combined for a thrilling game, with the Sooner holding-on for the win, 47-41.

The Alamo Bowl is expected to announce its match-up at 5:30 p.m., following the BCS Bowl announcements. Will it be a rematch for Washington or a battle against the high-powered Oklahoma State Cowboys?