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Sun Bowl Benefits From Lack Of Pac-10 Teams, Picks Notre Dame And Miami

Without the constraints of the Pac-10 side of the bowl tie-in, the Sun Bowl was free to choose whomever they so pleased for the 2010 game. The Sun Bowl has two tie-ins under normal circumstances: the ACC and Pac-10. With only four bowl-eligible teams, and two BCS Bowl teams, the Pac-10 left the Sun Bowl out to dry, unable to fulfill its obligation.

Due to the increasing volatility of the bowl selection process, the Sun Bowl lucked-out, picking Miami as the ACC tie-in and Notre Dame as an at-large bid in place of a Pac-10 team. It provides an intriguing match-up and a sure-fire attendance boost. With Notre Dame, and its traveling band of die-hard fans, there’s sure to be a capacity crowd on hand.

Miami has experienced its share of turmoil this season, finishing the year by firing its coach, Randy Shannon. The Hurricanes at 7-5, good for second-place in the ACC’s Coastal Division. With Shannon gone and a coaching search underway, the Sun Bowl could be the debut of whomever Miami finds to lead the Hurricanes back to glory.

Notre Dame and Miami kick-off the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31 in El Paso, Texas.