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Holiday Bowl Decision Hinges On Alamo Bowl

The Washington Huskies and Arizona Wildcats are both awaiting a decision from the Alamo Bowl, leaving each team’s post-season future up in the air. Whichever team the Alamo Bowl leaves behind will head to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. Once the Alamo’s decision has been made, the dominoes will begin to fall.

With only four Pac-10 teams bowl-eligible, and two going to BCS bowls, the bowl picture is simple for the Pac-10. Oregon will play for the national championship, Stanford will head to whichever BCS Bowl selects them as an at-large and the two other teams — Washington and Arizona — will head to the Alamo or Holiday Bowl.

What’s the difference between the two. Both are prestigious bowls — with the Alamo Bowl the top Pac-10 tie-in, followed closely by the Holiday Bowl. In the Alamo Bowl, whichever Pac-10 team is chosen will square-off against the No. 3 team in the Big 12, likely Oklahoma State. In the Holiday Bowl, it’s another Big 12 team, this time the No. 5 team in the conference. Missouri is projected to take that spot when the pairings are announced on Sunday.

Two bowls, two invitations and two Pac-10 teams awaiting their fate. Either way, the Washington Huskies or Arizona Wildcats will face a Big 12 team, and a tough match-up to boot. With announcements coming within the hour, we should know the fate of both the Huskies and Wildcats soon.