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UW Basketball: Huskies Hot Shooting Propels Them To 108-79 Win Against Texas Tech

After shooting over 61.5 percent in the first half, the Washington Huskies cooled off a bit in the second half.

And they still shot 50 percent.

So in what was yet another impressive performance, what makes this game stand out is just how hot they were.

Key statistic: shooting efficiency

In addition to the Huskies' hot shooting from the field, they were also 9-for-17 from the three point line and moved the ball around well throughout the game, which makes a team with so many shooters almost impossible to defend.

Today, that started with the hot shooting of Justin Holiday.

Washington statistical MVP: Justin Holiday

Perhaps you could criticize Holiday for his production tapering off in the second half, but he had an outstanding first half and finished with a game-high 20 points on 7-for-12 shooting in addition to 4-for-7 shooting from beyond the arc.

But the biggest difference between Holiday's game today and a game like what freshman C.J. Wilcox had against Long Beach State is that Holiday had a bit more of a well-rounded effort. He pulled in a game-high nine rebounds to complement his scoring, which was huge for UW's effort.

And after Holiday scored the Huskies' first 14 points in the first four minutes of the game to help the Huskies jump out to a 14-8 lead, Isaiah Thomas kept things going.

Key player: Isaiah Thomas

Thomas certainly had a quiet game in comparison to Holiday, but today's game was just another example of how he's just been a much more efficient scorer this year and when he can do that, the Huskies play well.

Once again, he was an efficient ballhandler only turning the ball over on around 11% of his possessions, he had a stronger than usual defensive rebounding game with three of his four total boards coming on the defensive end, and he got to the free throw line at a high rate as well and made all six of his attempts.

And defensively, the Huskies deserve some credit although they might not have been as impressive as they have been throughout the season.

Texas Tech statistical MVP: Brad Reese

It was expected that the Huskies would win the rebounding battle, but that they held Robert Lewandowski to two rebounds on the game is still praiseworthy. Similarly, that they held forward Mike Singletary to only eight points and off the free throw line deserves some attention as well.

Reese did score a team-high 19 points and managed to find his way to the line at a high rate, but when you can hold down two of a team's most significant players the defense deserves credit.