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Taylor Martinez Hobbles Off The Field After Another Disappointing Drive

Taylor Martinez has been off all game. Now, he may just be out of the game. On Nebraska’s last possession, after the Cornhuskers stalled during what seemed to be a promising drive, Martinez game up limping. The Washington Huskies brought the house on a blitz, as they have many times tonight, getting to Martinez and sacking him on third down. The freshman quarterback was clearly in pain as he limped to the sidelines.

Since Washington scored early in the third quarter, there’s been little action in San Diego. The teams are currently in the midst of trading punts, unable to move the ball very effectively.

Jake Locker has picked it up for the Huskies, however, completing infinitely more passes in the second half. After completing no passes in the first half, Locker has completed three in the second. The 1-2 tandem of Locker and Chris Polk have abused the Nebraska front seven, rushing for 156 yards and a touchdown so far.

With Martinez sidelined, it may be up to Cody Green to bring Nebraska back. The sophomore quarterback has seen some action this year, stepping in for Martinez at times.