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Jake Locker Back In The Holiday Bowl After Sitting A Series

Take a deep breath, Washington fans. Quarterback Jake Locker is back in action after receiving a scare in the second quarter. Locker took a knee to the helmet and appeared to sustain a head injury, lying on the ground for some time before walking off the field. The word from Erin Andrews on the sideline is that Locker’s helmet came up over his head and raked his eyes, leaving him unable to reopen his eyes. It was not, according to the training staff, a concussion.

The Washington defense continues to play big despite a Nebraska touchdown in the second quarter. After Locker left the game, Nebraska forced the Huskies to punt and were starting to drive, but the Washington defense took over, intercepting Taylor Martinez on an under-thrown ball.

Locker is back on the field, leading the way for the Huskies, after brief moments of panic in Husky nation. With four minutes to go in the second quarter, it’s UW on top, 10-7.