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Holiday Bowl: Niles Paul Thinks Washington Huskies Talk Too Much

Trash talk is a big part of football, with players engaging in plenty of healthy barking before and during games. For Nebraska wide receiver Niles Paul, the trash talk serves as motivation, and the Washington Huskies served as great motivators the last time these two teams met. In the Holiday Bowl, Paul expects the Huskies will provide Nebraska players with plenty of incentive throughout the game, just as they did in September.

Speaking to the Seattle Times Bob Condotta, Paul had this to say about the brash nature of the Huskies.

“They talked a lot of trash, a lot of trash. Before the game, during the game, after we led, after we were leading. They were non-stop. They kept going.’’

He went on to say that it was "way more than most teams, more than any team I’ve been around. It has to be like a mental thing or something. But we held our mental composure and did what we were supposed to do.’’

Despite getting smacked around in Seattle, the Huskies were, apparently, content to keep barking until the very end. I gotta hand it to them, at least they were incredibly persistent. On Thursday in San Diego, with the Huskies desperately seeking a bowl win, Paul is likely correct in his assumption that the trash talk will be flowing all game. We’ll see which team has the actions to back up their words, however.

Washington and Nebraska hit the field in the Holiday bowl on Thursday, Dec. 30 at 7 p.m.