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Qualcomm Stadium, Site Of The Holiday Bowl, Has A Water Problem

The Washington Huskies and Nebraska Cornhuskers take the field a week from today in sunny San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. One small problem, though. San Diego isn't so sunny right now as California has been hit with torrential downpours as a result of one ferocious Pineapple Express. No, not the movie; a massive storm front originating in Hawaii that brings warm weather and tropical downpours.


And what does Qualcomm Stadium, site of the Holiday Bowl, look like today? You might wanna check the photos at Sign On San Diego. It's not pretty.


Uh oh. That brown stuff? Yeah, that's water. Not only does Qualcomm host the Holiday Bowl; it also hosts the Poinsettia Bowl, set to take place in a matter of hours. With Navy battling San Diego State in that bowl, we'll go ahead and lay our money on Navy, who's accustomed to a little water.


Hope Washington and Nebraska bring snorkel gear to San Diego.