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Huskies vs. Dons: Game Thread And Pre-Game Notes

In a display of confidence, UW Dawg Pound proclaims that this game probably won't be that close.

San Francisco Dons @ Washington Huskies GameThread, Dec 18, 2010 7:00 PM PST - UW Dawg Pound
The Don's from the WCC come to Hec Ed for a little visit. Don't expect this one to be close. Look for the Huskies to blow USF out of the gym early in this one.

And one reason to expect a solid Huskies win tonight aside from what we've seen thus far this season is experience: according to a survey of conducted by the University of Kentucky of all Division I programs, USF is the seventh youngest team in the nation with just seven total years of Division I experience.

The youngest in the nation? Eastern Washington with only four total years of experience, who UW handled earlier this season to the tune of 98-72 here in Seattle.