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Washington Huskies: UCR Holds On To Defeat Huskies 59-54

The last scoring possession of the Washington Huskies' 59-54 loss to the Riverside Highlanders might say it all.

Down 57-52 with 19.6 seconds left, the Huskies moved the ball extremely well after point guard Sarah Morton patiently ran through the progressions in the offense and eventually Morton drove to the basket and found an open Marjorie Heard trailing her for a wide open layup to cut the lead to 57-54.

The problem is that they ran nearly 14 seconds off the clock to execute that play and had to foul to send UCR back to the foul line.

As beautiful a play as it was - and indeed it did give them an outside chance to win the game had UCR missed the free throws - it was ultimately too little too late for the Huskies who couldn't over come a poor shooting first half despite an outstanding second half.

The Huskies used a pressure defense throughout the first half to swing the momentum in their favor and take a 46-44 lead with under five minutes left, but down the stretch the Highlanders' guard assumed control of the game continuing to go hard to the rim and benefiting from a few careless UW fouls.

Kristi Kingma finished with 16 points for the Huskies while Alyssa Morris had an outstanding game for UCR finishing with 22 points.