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Washington Huskies Halftime Report: UW Down 31-19 After Shooting 19% Against Riverside

The fact that Washington is only down 31-19 after shooting 4-for-21 in the first half is actually encouraging.

The only reason the Riverside lead isn't larger is that they sent Washington to the line 11 times of which they made 10.

Meanwhile, Riverside came into this game shooting 18 threes per game on the season and when given looks due to slow Washington rotations they were more than willing to pull the trigger, hitting 5-of-13 attempts with some players passing up shots to swing it to a more open player.

With the Huskies scrambling to cover the 3-point line, Riverside started driving to the basket more, finishing off the half with a mix of layups and a mid-range jumper to complement their 3-point shooting.

Most impressive for Riverside has been Alyssa Morris who shot 2-for-4 from the 3-point line and 5-for-9 overall. Through the first half, she's been able to get shots wherever she wants and has shown the ability to score off the dribble, on pull-up jumpers and beyond the arc as Huskies defenders scramble to find her.

A bright spot for the Huskies is Mollie Williams, who has been a workhorse on the boards with 4 offensive boards and 6 total.

Also of note - with Sarah Morton back in the lineup, the Huskies have gone to a three guard lineup, which was effective whether Morton or freshman Mercedes Wetmore was running the point. The problem was that defensively they still allowed a lot of shots around the perimeter.