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UW Basketball: Quick Preview Of Long Beach State

Looking at Long Beach State there is not necessarily a consistently significant strength, but perhaps there is a clear difference between wins and losses: offensive rebounding percentage.

Key statistic: offensive rebounding percentage

Overall, Long Beach State has not been able to outrebound their opponents. However, looking at their wins alone, they've not only had high offensive rebounding percentages themselves but also outrebounded their opponent by a rather significant margin, including getting offensive rebounds at nearly twice the rate of the University of Iowa in their last win on the road.

Key players:

T.J. Robinson, F (6-foot-8, 215, Jr.)

If rebounding takes on a prominent role in this game, then perhaps Robinson is something of a player to watch. In addition to leading the team in scoring at 13.3 points per game, he's also averaging a team-high 10.5 rebounds per game. His specialty is defensive rebounding rather than offensive rebounding, but obviously he could have an impact on the Huskies' rebounding percentages.

Larry Anderson, G (6-foot-5, 205, Sr.)

Anderson is obviously not the leading scorer, but he is the team's most efficient scorer and for a team that has been outshot overall this season, his production will clearly be important. One thing that stands out in particular for Anderson compared to his teammates is his team-high 57.5 2-point percentage combined with his solid free throw rate. He can score inside the three point line and get to the rim and that's significant from a UW defensive perspective.