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Cal Suspends Defensive Line Coach For Instructing Players To Fake Injuries Against Oregon

While the Washington Huskies were locked in a tight battle with the California Golden Bears today, one Cal coach was missing in action. Defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi was suspended for Saturday's game against the Huskies after instructing players to fake injuries in an effort to slow down the Oregon Duck's high-speed offense last Saturday.

"This is a young coach who made a mistake. We make mistakes in life a lot," Barbour said. "He stood up and he accepted responsibility for it. The head coach accepted responsibility for it and I accepted responsibility for it. That's what we do as educators."

Faking injuries is by no means a new thing for teams looking to slow down an Oregon offense that gets plays off at a break-neck pace. However, videos surfaced after the Ducks squeaked out a 15-13 victory over the Bears showing defensive linemen falling on the ball after it was spotted in an effort to delay the game. For the most part, the injured player was back in action a play or two later, serenaded by a chorus of boos from traveling Oregon fans.

Video after the jump.

Hey, maybe it was a cramp. A well-timed, sudden cramp.