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Washington Vs. Cal: Huskies End Long National Nightmare, Score A Touchdown

Our long national nightmare is over in Berkley. It only took 35 minutes, but a touchdown has finally been score. Washington quarterback Jake Locker rolled to his right, threw up a prayer and found D’Andre Goodwin. The senior wide receiver won the jump ball, bringing down the tipped pass and racing 80 yards for the score. Washington has taken the lead, 7-3.

The 80 yard score accounts for most of Locker’s 134 yards passing on the day and has been the only big play in the game. On the other sideline, Brock Mansion still isn’t allowed to throw the ball, as Jeff Tedford is content to hand the ball off instead of trusting his quarterback. When he has had the opportunity to throw, Mansion has had troubles, to put it nicely. Between missing receivers, spiking passes and throwing into double coverage, Mansion’s day has been forgettable.

Also of note: Washington punter Kyle Rasp left the game favoring his leg. Without Rasp, the Huskies are out of punters, having already lost the start to a season-ending ACL injury.

We’ve got a ballgame in Berkley with the Huskies leading the Bears, 7-3.