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VIDEO: Andrew Luck Trucks A Defender During 58-Yard Run

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is having another outstanding game against the Cal Bears in Berkley today. Luck has completed 10 of 12 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns so far, but it's a scramble that's dominated the headlines. With nobody open in the first half, Luck took off, showing a solid burst of speed and absolutely punishing a defender during the 58-yard run.

Below, check out Luck's wheels as he outruns to defense to get to the second level. Once into the secondary, he delivers a vicious forearm shiver to knock Sean Cattouse square off his feet before cutting it back and taking it another 20 yards after the hit.

Stanford is showing no sign of letting up in this one. Up 31-0 at the half, the Cardinal continue to completely dominate Cal on both sides of the ball. Cal quarterback Brock Mansion looks inconsistent, while Luck continues to look like a Heisman candidate.

Defensive backs beware, Andrew Luck is coming for you.