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Washington Vs. UCLA: Jake Locker's Ribs Look Fine As He Dives Into The Endzone

If Jake Locker’s ribs are still bothering him, it sure didn’t look like it on the Huskies last drive. Locker and the Huskies drove 61 yards in 8 plays, capped by a Locker draw for a touchdown. The senior quarterback opened the drive with a 22 yard dart to Jermaine Kearse, getting the ball rolling for the Huskies. From there, Washington made it look easy, mixing run and pass to move the ball with little resistance.

Any doubts about Locker’s ribs were quickly erased tonight. He’s moved well out of the pocket and taken a few shots, never looking worse for wear. ESPN reported he is wearing a different kind of flak jacket in an effort to minimize the pounding he takes. As a final exclamation point, Locker took a shot while diving into the end zone, popping right back up.

With just over 5 minutes to go in the second quarter, we’re all tied up in Montlake, 7-7.