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How Will Tony Wroten Announce His College Choice?

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Garfield High School senior Tony Wroten has something special up his sleeve for his college announcement today at 3 p.m. Since he set a date a few weeks ago, the highly-touted prospect has been scheme and planning, looking for a unique way to reveal his decision to the world. Earlier this week, Wroten said he had a special way to announce his intentions to those in attendance and watching live online.

What is it? Dawgman's Chris Fetters took a stab at the surprise on Twitter.

So will @ToneTone13 sneak a play out of friend Kasen Williams' commit playbook and have Nate's jersey on under a shirt? Just sayin'...less than a minute ago via web

Could the Garfield star forgo the normal hat routine and instead reveal a Nate Robinson UW jersey? Anything's possible with Wroten.

Two hours and counting until Wroten let's the rest of the world know where he's going to college.