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Filed under:'s Evan Daniels Expects Wroten To Pick UW

Tony Wroten is one of the harder prospects to get a read on. One minute he loves Louisville, the next he loves Washington, leaving fans to wonder where he'll go. recruiting analyst Evan Daniels expects Wroten to stay home and go to Washington, but admits it's tough to tell what Wroten will do.

You never know with Tony Wroten, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't stay home and play at Washington.less than a minute ago via web

Anything is possible with Wroten. He's said he has some tricks up his sleeve today, keeping everyone guessing up until the last second. Though it appears Louisville and Washington are his final two, the addition of hometown Seattle University is an intriguing possibility, too.

The one thing we do know is Wroten loves the attention he's getting. Whether making fans sweat on Twitter or finding a creative way to announce his college choice, the Garfield guard wants to be the limelight, making it impossible to tell what he'll do next.

We'll find out his intentions with the rest of the world today at 3 p.m.