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Sports Illustrated Power Rankings: Oregon Second, UW Knocks Out USC

On the heels of their huge win over Stanford Saturday, the Oregon Ducks continue to climb the rankings. In both the AP and Coaches Poll, the Ducks moved up to third. In the Pac-10 Power Poll, they also assumed the top position. Finally, Sports Illustrated bumped them up to number two in their power poll, just behind top-ranked Alabama.

SI’s Andy Staples explains.

After all, I vaulted Oregon to No. 2 following the Ducks’ 52-31 win against Stanford on Saturday. This will irk the Buckeyes and Broncos, because both their schools beat Oregon last year, and most of the personnel from all three teams remains intact.

The hits also keep coming for USC. The Washington Huskies knocked them out of yet another poll by defeating them at the Coliseum on Saturday. Boise State fans are having a rough week, seeing Oregon leapfrog them in both polls and numerous power rankings.