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Jake Locker May Be Worse Than Huskies Have Been Letting On

Jake Locker may be worse for wear than it appeared this week, and it’s very apparent something is up down in Tucson. Locker just came onto the field with a heavy amount of padding around his ribs and a flak jacket on as well. Locker had been dealing with a thigh injury for the last few weeks, but his ribs took a pounding against Oregon State.

Any injury that limits Locker’s ability to catch his breath and take off running forces the Huskies to alter their gameplan. According to Bob Condotta, of the Seattle Times, it’s something to keep an eye on.

Speaking of Locker, some minor rumblings that what the injury that held him out of practice this week may be a little bit more severe than last week. That will be worth watching how he does early.

Locker is a gamer, so keep an eye on how he plays tonight. Washington is about ready to kick it off against Arizona on ESPN.