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UW Basketball: The Role Of Shooters Like C.J. Wilcox In Washington's System

Todd Dybas of the Seattle PI writes that redshirt freshman C.J. Wilcox will be looking to fill the three point shooting role that was Elston Turner’s last season.

Huskies hoops: Wilcox out to show he’s a shooter and more
There has been grumbling in the past that shooters become strictly that in Washington’s current system. Wilcox said that’s not what he has been told.

“They encourage us to do more than just shoot the ball,” Wilcox said. “Make plays. Be on the break. Make things happen. It’s not like we’re just constricted to shooting.”

Just as it might be a misconception that a post player inherently wouldn’t fit the Huskies’ uptempo style, it would be equally misguided to believe that the team wouldn’t want multi-dimensional players on the wing. If you want to get out in transition, having multiple players on the wing who can handle the ball, move the ball, and put pressure on the defense by getting to the rim is a huge asset.

If Wilcox is able to bring that to the team this season, it would make their attack that much more potent.