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Pac-12 Press Conference Streaming Live At 11:30 A.M.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott will take to the stage around 11:30 this morning to announce plans for the expanded Pac-10 Conference. Among the items on the agenda, revenue sharing, divisional alignment and scheduling are to be discussed after a vote by the conference leaders to finalize the deal.

It's a historic day for the conference and its 12 members. The decisions made today will shape the landscape of the Pac-12 for at least the near future, shaking up a conference in an attempt to catch up to the rest of the NCAA.

The decisions announced today are the first step towards the upcoming television negotiations Larry Scott and the Pac-12 are preparing for. After years of sitting on a sub-par TV deal, expansion and the benefits that go with it were made in an effort to better position

The Pac-12, after deciding to get with the times and utilize the Internet, will stream the press conference live online. Check back at 11:30 to watch the embedded video from UStream below.