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Huskies Show Class, Oregon State Fan Does Not After Dropped Conversion

After dropping the game-winning two-point conversion against the Huskies, Oregon State’s Joe Halahuni was about as low as a player could get. After the game, numerous Washington players pulled him aside and gave him words of encouragement, telling him to keep his head up. The same could not be said, however, for some fans in Corvallis.

According to The Oregonian’s Paul Buker, Halahuni arrived home after a restless bus ride to an unpleasant note on his car.

And then the team bus pulled into the Reser Stadium parking lot around 5 a.m. Sunday morning, and Halahuni found an obscene note attached to the windshield of his car.

"Nice catch, you bleep.’’

Halahuni, an Orting native playing in front of friends and family at Husky Stadium, was pretty down after the game. He says he dreamed of catching the game-winning touchdown in Husky Stadium and blamed himself for the loss.

His Oregon State teammates rallied around him, with cornerback James Dockery shouldering the blame for giving up a deep pass earlier leading to a touchdown. Still, instead of walking off a hero, Halahuni walked out of Husky Stadium with the lasting memory being a dropped past.

Sadly, a fan took it upon himself to kick the kid while he was down.