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UW Dawg Pound Previews The Trojans

As he does every week, UW Dawg Pound’s John Berkowitz took a look at the opponent, previewing the USC Trojans this week. Steve Sarkisian is preparing for everything, expecting a few wrinkles from Lane Kiffin this week. The two have been friends for years and could both just be messing with each other, as well.

Speaking of Dillon Baxter UW coach Steve Sarkisian has his team prepared for the Wildcat formation. Sark is either screwing with Kiffin’s head or he really believes the possibility exists they will run it. Baxter has been in the dog house over the first third of the season but this may be the game they unleash his considerable abilities.

He also hopes that Sarkisian turns Jake Locker loose, allowing him to take-off and run more.

The big question most have going into this one is how much will Jake run this week? We haven’t seen him unleashed yet this season and it would seem the conference opener would be a good time to start exploiting that part of his skill set. USC has had trouble containing mobile QB’s this season.

With his Heisman hopes taken-off life support during the Nebraska game, Locker has a chance to carry UW to a bowl game this season, if he can get back on track.

We’ll find out which Locker shows up this Saturday at 5 p.m.