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WSU Lands Massive In-state Recruit Cody O'Connell

Mike Leach Lands Side of Grade A Beef With Massive In-state OL Prospect Cody O'Connell.

Mike Leach helped shore up the offensive line on Monday night when Wenatchee OT Cody O'Connell went crimson. O'Connell is listed by Scout at 6'8, 350 lbs. I talk about O'Connell more in depth here.

"O'Connell is really, really strong, which is to be expected. He has good hands and is able to stay on his feet while blocking (a lot of big guys will just fall on someone). This is important because it allows him to disengage and block another defender. I think he still has things to learn from a technique standpoint because when you're 6'8 and 350 pounds in HS, you don't need technique. That's not to say he has poor technique, just that it's something he can improve. He has the one thing you can't teach, though: size."

For more information on O'Connell and other Washington State recruits, head on over to CougCenter. For up to the minute information, you can also follow CougCenter's extremely handsome Recruiting Analyst on twitter @KyleRancourt.