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Football Recruiting Spotlight: Bellevue's Sean Constantine

Linebacker Sean Constantine from Bellevue HS is one of the top recruits in the state and he wasted no time in declaring his allegiance to the Washington Huskies. Constantine made his commitment to Huskies Head Coach Steve Sarkisian at the team's Spring Game in late April.

The 6'2", 228lb Washington commit has a rating of three stars and is the No. 20 ranked middle linebacker in the nation according to Constantine chose the Huskies over a handful of other Pac-12 schools including Arizona, UCLA and Washington State.

We got a chance to ask Constantine a few questions about his recruitment and his upcoming offseason. Read our interview with him after the jump.

Describe your strengths as a football player.
I understand the game and my position even though I still need to become more of an expert to become great at the next level. I love stopping the run and being a goon out on the field when they run it through the tackles!

What specific skills or qualities did you improve on as the season progressed your junior year?
Understanding what the quarterback was trying to do by manipulating the defense. I also improved in by tackling lower and driving my legs through the tackle.

Is there a former/current player in college or the NFL that you try to model your game after?
Well, from a leadership point of view, Ray Lewis, because the drive and love he has for his teammates and the passion he has for the game really impresses me.

Talk about your commitment to UW. What were the main reasons you chose the Huskies?
It was such a family atmosphere; how every coach really seemed to care was impressive to me. Their defense is going to be so good, it really felt like the right fit.

Which coaches were recruiting you?
Coach [Justin] Wilcox, [Peter] Sirmon and Sark.

Why did you make your decision early in the process?
When it's the right choice, why wait?

Were you a Husky fan growing up?
No, I'm originally from Oregon and I didn't have a preference on college football.

What are your goals this summer?
To focus on beating Trinity and then winning Bellevue's fifth state title in a row.

What's your favorite aspect of the Bellevue football program?
The amount of people involved and how it is a true family atmosphere.

Who are some players that will breakout next season from Bellevue that no one is talking about right now?
Marcus Griffin will have a good chance. Big Scott Whiting is the most athletic man on our team hopefully he will stand out. Johnny Nguyen the most humble outstanding person I've ever met and will be a beast this year.

Those are all my questions, anything else you'd like to add?
Just a thanks to my community for supporting me.

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