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Nathan Horton Transported To Hospital After Brutal Hit By Aaron Rome

Nathan Horton was leveled by an Aaron Rome hit widely deemed as dirty during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night in Boston. After taking a blindside check and landing almost squarely on his head, Horton stayed motionless as his arms went completely rigid -- a sure sign of a concussion. Trainers kept him on the ice, worked to stabilize him and, after a few minutes, took him off the ice on a stretcher in front of a stunned crowd in Boston. You can find a gif of the hit here.

But there is good news: Horton was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and has feeling in his extremities, according to a tweet from the Bruins. He was also able to exhibit movement in his extremities as medical personnel worked on him. While there's been no further diagnosis, the update is encouraging, though it seems clear Horton is dealing with a concussion.

Rome was ejected for the hit, which was called as a five-minute major and 10-minute game misconduct. It's incredibly likely he'll face a suspension for the hit, which came from the blindside after Horton had gotten rid of the puck.

We'll keep you updated on Horton's status as more becomes available. The Canucks trail the Bruins heading into the period, 4-0.

We'll be back with more on the hit and Horton's injury in our Stanley Cup Finals StoryStream. For more on the game, head over to Nucks Misconduct.